Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV combines the raw branding power of television with the fluidity, granular targeting, and in-depth measurement that savvy advertisers demand. AUDIENCEX now offers an impression-by-impression marketplace for linear TV ad inventory. Finally the streamlined specificity of digital advertising is coming to the most prominent screen in the home.

It’s the Golden Age of Television

For consumers, TV has never been better, with more high-quality options than they could watch in a lifetime. Their choices are more specific and say more than ever about who they are. Unfortunately, TV advertising has lagged behind. Standards are vague and inflexible, market-by-market buys are complex and confusing, and niche programming falls through the cracks.

A Smarter Way to Buy

Programmatic TV offers an automated, software-powered way to buy and deliver linear TV ads. It interweaves audience data and inventory for rich targeting insights and integrates buying across every screen. The TV experience is no longer confined to the living room, and our Programmatic TV clients can find their specific audiences wherever and whenever they watch.

Target: The Future

Programmatic TV integrates easily and seamlessly with existing Programmatic Marketing strategies including Display, creating a user-specific and screen-agnostic approach. Currently, only four percent of TV advertising budgets go to Programmatic TV, and it represents astounding untapped potential. The programmatic genie is not going back in the bottle. Let us help you navigate the world of television advertising – truly reimagined.

Partner With the Experts

AUDIENCEX‘s Programmatic TV solution builds on our success with desktop, tablet, and mobile channels and integrates the television screen. Leveraging the power of machine-learning and a treasury of big data, marketers can now deploy their TV spend with unmatched targeting specificity and across tens of millions of households.