Managed+ Services


We offer marketers and agencies multi-channel performance marketing solutions, with expertise in RTB display, paid search, SEO and social media, as well as results-oriented tactics in offline channels, from broadcast to out-of-home.

Account Management &
Communications Planning

Following our analysis of your existing multi-channel communications, AUDIENCEX develops a full-service, end-to-end marketing solution for your company. We assess the competitive landscape and develop a deeper understanding of your audience segments, informing the tactics we then deploy across all online and offline channels to accelerate both short- and long-term business growth. Strategically-led account management and detailed performance data and reporting ensure ongoing campaign efficiency.


Social media enables brands to build multi-faceted consumer engagements while gaining a deeper insight into audience behaviors. AUDIENCEX takes full advantage of the power of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as influencer campaigns, to achieve the kind of brand visibility and customer engagement that guide consumer behavior throughout the purchase funnel. We also implement sophisticated audience segmentations, develop and design content, and deliver real-time campaign optimization to continuously elevate campaign performance.

Paid Search

Every AUDIENCEX PPC campaign is subjected to rigorous analysis, customization, optimization, measurement, and refinement, according to our proprietary methodologies, that maximize your online market reach and ROI. Our Google AdWords-certified paid search team uses custom bid-management software to increase meaningful site traffic by identifying and targeting the keywords most relevant to the online consumer.


Data-driven search engine optimization lets AUDIENCEX boost client visibility among the results of all the major search engines (think Google, Yahoo, and Bing). Tactical SEO initiatives touch upon everything from content creation and ongoing content implementation, to keyword implementation within a web page’s metadata. Our objective is to deploy innovative SEO techniques across your marketing landscape to ensure that you’re optimally poised for growth.

Programmatic Marketing

The sheer volume of data generated daily across the business spectrum, along with the pressure on marketers to create ever-more conversions with ever-shrinking budgets, can cause anyone hoping to effectively reach their audience to lose heart. But it gives AUDIENCEX a distinct advantage. We work with multiple Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), including Rocket Fuel’s programmatic marketing platform, to connect marketers with consumers at every key moment of influence to optimize media spend, engage, up-sell, and retarget consumers across addressable, programmatic channels, including display, video, mobile, and social – simultaneously and in real time.