Display Ad Specifications
  • Online Ad Sizes: 300 × 250, 160 x 600, 728 x 90, 300 × 600
  • Acceptable Media Types: .gif, .jpg, .png, .swf, and rich media
  • Maximum File Size: 40k
Display In-Banner Video Guidelines
  • Video must be IAB VAST-compliant
  • Video/Audio must be user-initiated
  • Max file size 100k
  • Ads cannot expand
  • Max 24 FPS (frames per second)
Display Flash Banner Ad Guidelines
  • All flash ads must have an alternative .gif or .jpg version of creative
  • Ads can animate for 15 seconds maximum


Ad Specifications
  • Ad Sizes: 120 x 20, 120 x 600, 160 x 600, 168 x 28, 216 x 36, 300 x 50, 300 x 250, 320 x 50, 468 x 60, 480 x 80, 728 x 90, 800 x 80
  • Acceptable Media Types: .gif, .jpeg, .png
  • Maximum File: Size 30k
Mobile Response Mechanisms
  • Tap to Call: Initiate phone call
  • Tap to App Store: Open platform’s App Store or marketplace
  • Tap to Map: Launch map app with preset destination
  • Tap to Web: Redirect user to landing page on mobile site
Mobile Rich Media Ad Unit Guidelines
  • After user taps to engage with an ad, there are no limitations for video or audio duration or looping
  • Recommended maximum ad unit expansion dimensions are: Smart phone 320 x 480 and Tablet 1024 x 768
  • Close button is required for tap to expand ads
Mobile Targeting
  • Cookies – Cookies are not supported on mobile applications and third party cookies are not supported across some mobile browsers (iOS/Safari). This means that retargeting and behavioral targeting cannot be supported consistently for mobile advertising.
  • Technographic – Mobile device, OS, manufacturer, and model Connection Speed Mobile Carrier
  • Location – Country to Postal Code Geofencing, Location Context (Factual), Language, Day-part
  • Inventory – Mobile web vs. Apps, Content Category, Contextual, Brand Safety, Page Quality
  • Demographic – Age and Gender, HHI (Verizon data), Retargeting, Impression, Click


Video Specifications
  • Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll video ads with or without a companion
  • Support VAST 2.0 and VPAID 1.0 standards
  • Support Click-to-play and Auto-initiated formats
  • 15-second, 30-second, and 60-second ads
  • Interactive pre-¬roll (VPAID only)
  • In-Banner (Display)
  • In-Stream (In Player, In App)
  • Skippable VAST 2.0 Linear (30 & 60-second) ads. User has the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds of play. 
  • Any supported ad format must use a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio (640 x 480, or 640 x 360 preferred).
  • Maximum File Size for 15-second and 30-second video ads, file size should be less than or equal to 5 MB
  • Maximum File Size for 60-second video ads, file size should be less than or equal to 10 MB
  • Maximum File Size for companion banner ads, max file size is 40K
Video Ad Devices
  • Desktop (:15, :30, :60)
  • Smartphone (:15)
  • Tablet (:15)
  • In-App (:15)
Video Companion Banner Ads
  • 300×250 — Most common size supported by inventory (recommended)
  • 300×60 — Less common size supported by inventory (primarily used on YouTube)
Additional Video Specifications
  • Video bit rate: 600 kbps
  • Maximum video frame rate: 30 fps
  • Audio codec: MP3
  • Each video ad can have one companion ad (not guaranteed across all inventory).
Video Targeting
  • Audience/Behavioral/Contextual/Demographic
  • Day-part
  • Device
  • Geo (country, region, postal code & dma)
  • Playback method (user vs. auto)
  • Retargeting past impression/click & pixel
  • Site lists via TLD & sub-domains
  • Techno-graphic OS, browser & connection type
  • Video player size
  • Viewability
Mobile In-¬Stream Video for Apps
  • VAST Standard only; video ads appear while user is engaged with app content
  • 15-second pre-roll only


Facebook Exchange – Right-Hand Column Ad Specifications
  • Image Size: 600 x 315 recommended (minimum of 254 x 133 pixels); All images used for Right-Hand Column ads must contain less than 20% of text
  • Consistent Aspect Ratio: 1.91:1
  • Title: 25 character maximum (including spaces); no special characters
  • Body Copy: 90 character maximum (including spaces); no special characters
  • Link: Title and image link to client specified url
Facebook Exchange – News Feed Ad Specifications
  • Image Sizes: 1200 x 627 (best quality), 200 x 200, 400 x 209, 800 x 418
  • Message: 25 character maximum (including spaces); no special characters
  • Name: 25 character maximum (including spaces); no special characters
  • Domain URL/Caption: 50 character maximum
  • Description: 250 character maximum
Facebook Exchange – News Feed General Guidelines
  • FBX only supports News Feed ads on desktop browsers
  • Choose clear images with colors that look vivid against Facebook’s blue and white
  • Create texts with a clear Call To Action
  • Run promotions and test free offers, discounts or loyalty programs to drive sales
  • Capitalize words that draw attention: “FREE” or “SALE”
  • Create multiple variations of the ads for A/B testing
  • There are user-level caps that prevent users from seeing too many ads consecutively, overall, and from a specific page on a given day. For that reason, we highly recommend running News Feed in conjunction with Right-Hand Column
Prerequisites to Go Live
  • Provide advertising-level permission on Facebook: within Facebook, add anfb00001@appnexus.com as an approved advertiser. You can do this by navigating to the Admin Panel on your brands Facebook Page. Select Edit Page and click Manage Admin Roles from the drop-down menu. In the empty slot, enter the email address anfb00001@appnexus.com and switch the type to Advertiser.


Rising Star Billboard
  • 970 x 250; Billboard 970 x 250 Large Billboard With Full Closeability
  • This large, front and center interactive ad unit is designed to catch the viewer’s attention immediately. It’s page-top position offers more space and greater functionality for video, animation and interaction. The Billboard offers a large, prominently placed blank canvas allowing advertisers to tell their stories.
  • For detailed specifications and style guide please refer to:http://www.iab.net/media/file/IAB_Billboard_Style_Guide.pdf
Rising Star Portrait
  • 300 x 1050 With Three Expandable Apps (One Large And Two Small)
  • The Portrait is a high impact, advanced in-banner ad unit that offers prominent branding and large real estate to capture the user’s attention. The large canvas is segmented into three units (apps) that can be customized to include several highly interactive features and content. These interactive elements provide the user with an immersive 300 x 1050 ad experience. Using this format provides clear content hierarchy, presenting a highly visual, eye-catching experience in the top module, and interesting supplementary functionality in the two secondary units.
  • For detailed specifications and style guide please refer to:http://www.iab.net/media/file/IAB_300x1050_style_guide_v3.pdf
Rising Star Filmstrip  
  • 300 x 3000 In-Page Display Area: 300 x 600
  • The Filmstrip enables enhanced creative story-telling capabilities within a single ad creative. The viewer sees the initial 300 x 600 frame and can navigate within the Filmstrip to explore and interact with the ad unit. Advertisers submit one 300 x 3000 Filmstrip containing five different frames. The Filmstrip is then served through the 300 x 600 ad space. The additional five frames of the 300 x 3000 Filmstrip ad unit can correspond to the five steps of the typical purchase funnel, or present a unique and creative information flow.
  • For detailed specifications and style guide please refer to:http://www.iab.net/media/file/IAB_Filmstrip_Style_Guide_v3.pdf